Writing and Visions of Books

It’s hard to have a vision when you are just starting and you don’t know what you want in your writing.

tower of books
The vision of a tower of your books

Writing a book simply means that you will need to take time and effort in planning it.  This happens long before you sit down in front of a computer and write it.  It means you take the time to look at where you are and improve from there.

I’ve been writing one this blog for close to a year now, and I’m pleased to say it’s growing.

It also means I am more critical of how I want to be as a writer- now and in the future.  I am at one point excited my writing is going somewhere, but at the same time I’m still a novice when it comes to the actual stages of writing.

This is where visions come into play.  I need to have a vision of books and where it can lead me as a writer.  It’s one thing to sit down and write anything, another to look at yourself as a writer and know there is more to it.  One of my vision is a pile of books.  I went to Google and found one- it helped me because I was able to follow a fellow writer’s advice.

Writing take vision and I needed the visual of a pile of books to help me grow as a writer.

The more I’m learning about writing and publishing the more I am finding that it means more- more time, more energy, more learning.  It take courage and a willingness to say to people ‘no I can’t’ if you have a vision of writing and books, you will need to change as a writer.  It means thinking about money, but also how you can write for a living.