Additions or comments?

I am on the look out for someone who has some experience with fiction. I have written this introduction and I am wondering what most people think:  Should this go on a writing course to improve the writing?
Comments anyone and everyone! I’ll post all comments

Death forgot to come to the game last week; maybe he would come this week.
Gabriel leaned back in his chair a smiled deeply. His then picked up his pen and
began to write the guest list again. The usual group would be there but most
important, he needed to invite Death again. Then putting that list down, he
picked up the next one. Chips, beer, donuts, popcorn, pop. Perhaps, he should
bring some holy water. No, Michael was libel to use it on someone he shouldn’t .
In a worst-case event, he might use it on Bezel. Gabriel decided that now would
be a great time to decide on the food. Picking up a quill and then a torn bit of
paper he began to write some more. Nachos, sour cream, St. Paul’s elixir of
change. No, better not Nimrod might decided to drink it and change sides, and
that would be worse than being here… much worse. Death, Bezel, and Nimby would
love to see what kinds of files Gabriel and Michael stored on their computers
these days and access was still denied them after all these years