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Things Learned About Blogging While Falling Down

Rewrites are harder then they look, it is true with blogs and it is true with editing. What I need to say is there, what I must communicate in a powerful format is there, but not right, so whatever I’m writing requires editing.  The same hold true with this blog, it is a young blog but it is one where I am slowly growing with it. I am sure it has a lot of potential and something which over time I will be proud of but it is blogging and there is a learning curve.

The problem is, I have to work the idea of publishing a blog post in my head, then I need to write it out, to plan it.  It’s a whole new facet to my wiring, my way of thinking about writing that I have little experience with, which I am confident that over time I will succeed.  I’ve had the opportunity to go and read some very informative blogs and have some more knowledge of what it means to be a writer and a blogger.  Blogging is growing, and after careful thinking it is important to grow as a person and as a writer.  Communication in blogging is different than if you are communicating in person.

In doing so, I’ve learned it’s hard to fly, and within the last day, I’m learning the fine art of falling flat on my face then picking myself up only to finish what I started and to fall again.  Each step must be taken in its own time.

I’m sure my blog will have success and people will come and read it, but blogging is a lot harder than it looks.  My blog is about writing and to the point my writing and I am sure it will be there for me to share and to feel that what I can offer is valuable to my readers on their own journey in writing.

There are numbers and figures a novice blogger can’t even begin to process in the day, but is expected to if they want to have success with their writing.  This is even more true if the goal is to have more readers, especially if they’re the ones who will read your books when they are published.
I’m excited about the prospect of getting a website and publishing my first book. With that in mind, here comes the hard part; writing three more books and having them published in a reasonable time, all the while not letting this blog (and any others I might create) fall to the wayside.  It’s important that people have the chance to see what others have to offer.
In other news, Siebenburgen, which is also known to many as Transylvania, is foremost on my mind, after this blog. That book, about the Transylvanian Saxons of Romania and their experiences of the Second World War, needs to be finished by middle of September. Challenging though it may be, I feel I can do the writing.
I just have to fall on my face a couple of times, and blogging will be my way to learn how to get right back up after a face-plant.