Is What We Write Online Worth the Effort For Money or Promotion?

Some of our writing isn’t good.  Most of us don’t like to let our egos get to hung up on that fact, but some of our writing, in all honesty, really is bad and should never be shown to others.  Writing is a lonely art — at least when it comes to first drafts.

This is true when writing a book or when writing online.  There is a reason to do both, but that doesn’t mean we always need to publish that writing.  We like keeping journals for our thoughts and we like idea books, and they are both wonderful tools to help us improve our writing.

Back to writing online — this is where we can make some money.  (Writers do need money just like everyone else.) And we need to think about how to make that money without annoying our readers.

Simple and easy… right?

What we don’t want to do is make the online work be worth less than the effort we make working on it.  This is where promotion comes into play.  We need to promote our work, and we can spend a lot of time avoiding the don’t of promotion, but the fact remains we need to create some sort of “buzz.”

As long as we stick to the marketing plan we will be okay, but we need a good marketing plan and some well written material.  This also holds true with writing online. We need to post some great things in many different places to get people to come and read our work and to help us make money.

How much effort we put in depends on our topics, and our desire to earn more income.  It doesn’t mean that by promoting it to the wrong audience we will never get paid, but it will take a lot longer.  If we put the effort into promoting our work to the right people at the right time, then writing online and marketing what we have recently published is worth every moment we spend on our work.

Is what we write online worth the effort for money and promotion?  Done correctly, yes it is.  But, we have to write and improve our writing first.