Well Done Edits, Means a Better Published Book

I think this topic has been on my mind for some time.  Editing is important; after all, we want to have the best published book out there to see success with our writing.

Where would we be without an audience?

If we annoy our audience, or write and then publish a first draft (which is not “publishable”), then we run the risk of making our readers not want to read our books.  This is one reason for editing, but it should not be the only reason for doing it.

Our audience makes us, and it can also can break us.

This is why we have to edit our work ourselves, and then pay for an editor or three to look it over. (I personally think two editors work best for me – one for copy editing and one for content editing.)  This is particularly true when we self-publish a book; otherwise not matter how “ultimate” we think our self-published book is, if it is not edited, then we have a problem.

And our audience will tell us so.

We owe our audience a book that is well written before it is published, and that means that it must also be well edited.  In the long run, our readers will thank us for letting them take in the information we are presenting without having to mentally trip over poor language choices and grammar mistakes. Good editing creates a better published book, which will build upon itself.  This is true of any book, and I’ve seen it particularly with In Search of the Lost Ones.

The better the editing, the more likely that the book is a better read for our audience and this perhaps means word-of-mouth driven sales, and a bit more money in the writer’s pocket.  Paying for editing might be hard, but in the end, producing a better book is definitely worth it.