Publishing Can A Harder Than You Think

It seems that this is the year in which many writers want to take that next step and get that work-in-progress book published. It is not that hard to be published, but at the same time, the whole concept of publishing can be harder than you think.

This is after all your main goal, especially if you are a writer, you want your work to be published, and if pressed you want that book published.  Often you have a specific way of wanting it to be published, but you also want to make money with your book. (If you have been writing for a while, you also understand that your first book will not be a “King” like novel, rather, more of a first novel)

The point is that publishing is harder than most people think, possibly because they look at publishing from one of two sides, it is either do-it yourself or have someone take total control.  This is not the case.  In fact often with a book, a writer finds that even if they publish traditionally, they will still need to do a lot of the work before and after to make the book a success.

In this case self-publishing seems to be the way to go.  There are pitfalls to self-publishing if you do not, or are not willing, to learn about them.  The truth is that writers love what they do and that is write.  Most do not want to think about the fact that they can not leave one “baby” to create another one.

It is a business unto itself.  At the same time, it is a business, which is linked to the writing business.

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