Writing Online Articles Are They for You?

Some writers simply love the art of writing and of promotion and some writers simply want to showcase the work they have done to others.  Often the suggestion is to write a blog and then build up your readership.  The problem with a blog is that there are many people who want to write a blog and do it far more often than most writers will.

Is there another option?  Should a writer think of branching out online?  This means that they need to think about time commitments and other issues.

Writing online articles is an option, but it is one which you will need to think long and hard about and know the positives and the drawbacks to writing in this medium.


– Expands your view of online writing, there are countless sites, and the more you write, the more people know about you.

– A means to get traffic to your main site or blog– a good blog is important to your readership.

– Improves your writing a lot faster than simply writing a blog.  You can write a blog post a day but with no one to tell you how good or bad it is… it will take a long time to improve.  Writing online articles can help you with this.

Negative (or drawbacks):

— There are a lot of sites out there and what can work for one person might not work for your style of writing or your topic.

— Time consuming if you are writing on several sites and have a book to write and a blog and other commitments, this is an easy to burn yourself out.

Either way for many writers– or the life of a writer, the very art of improving the writing that they do is the main goal for writing on other sites, and this means that you can be passionate about your blog and you expand your writing outlets at the same time, just know and follow your limits.


  • Lou Barba

    Hi Rebecca,

    I guess if you think you're talking to yourself all the time, it would get to be pretty distressing. But, you have to come to the conclusion that you have to do the things it takes to get traffic to your blog. So, writing becomes as much of a promotional thing as a writing thing. Oh well, that's what a mainline author of printed books faces, so bloggers have to do the same. It's not like we can push a button and a billion people are going to see what we're doing. I heartily reccomend Ana Hoffman's blog, http://www.trafficgenerationcafe.com for learning doable ways of getting traffic. Thanks for your article.

    Lou Barba

  • Rebecca E.

    lou– great to meet you– but yes, in fact this was a question someone asked me about writing blogs, they were feeling rather depressed about it, but you can understand the idea that sometimes we just need to love what we do.