Are You Really Ready to Write? And Make Money?

There are such places where you will be edited for your content and, you will have to correct and fix your work according to the editors suggestions.  They will pay you per article that you write one such site is Demand Studios

Demand Studios seems interesting, but the question one must ask is this: are you as a writer ready to write and to make money? It is one thing to write and to have a blog which gets a lot of traffic, but it is another to write and to make money simply because you have created something of value to others.

Back to sites similar to Demand Studios, Experts123, which both pay per article, dependant upon editorial acceptance, and getting your title and topic approved.

Would you write for either site, if it meant you would lose “control” of some of your writing, and would have to do what an editor tells you, if that means you would make steadier income?

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