Why take a Break Writing?

For many writers, there is no such thing as time off. Writers can be critical of taking such time since often it is the only type of way to make or keep making money. Money does make the world go around even if we do not want to admit to that very thing. Everyone needs a break this is important.

Often how to renew is a very personal journey, but there are three things that will help in this journey. It should only be at most a weekend, but a day will do well. It will help the writer a lot if they do leave the place where they normally do their work:

A Journal:

One which has never been used for any other purpose than this, it should be blank and unlined, as it will be used for not only writing but also other creative purposes. Mine is a large scrapbook where I have cut and pasted some of my work, but also some picture which means a lot to me.

Some Peaceful Music:

A Writer should choose carefully, it should not be loud or distracting nor should it be white noise. As each writer is unique, this means that each writer needs to decide on the correct type of music (Motown any one?). For writer who tends to write late into the night, they should play their peaceful music during the time they normally write, to break the writing habit, at least for the time they are breaking.

A Peaceful, Quiet Place:

Again, it is up to the writer to choose where this will be but not a busy place where they will be distracted. If it is in the mountains or near a beach this is the best location, however if this proves a distraction for the writer, then a busier location should be used. Again it is up to the writer, for me a nice large library does the trick as I do not like cold or big mountains…

The purpose of this renewal is to break the driven cycle that many writers face. They need to be kind, as often they will find that they want to be near a computer or “plugged in.” To avoid this problem, do not bring a computer to your location other than the journal and a pen. The journal is used to draw what they see or to record their thoughts, paste pictures or anything beyond what they were working on at their office. This will also help you in your freelance writing or any other writing you need to do.

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