Online Publishing and Money and Marketing

So I have a question for you, how does online publishing or publishing online affect you?

As writers we are in a brave new world, one where technology reigns and publishing as it was is changing.

How does the rise of self-publishing affect us? If it’s great writing it shouldn’t but for some reason people still fear it.

What about online publishing? Does it affect you?

If you are reading this blog, then it has, twenty years ago no one was blogging (I could be wrong, but anyone with blogging info can help me on that one) blogging even say ten years ago wasn’t the “thing” to do.

Now it is.

You can argue that by writing a blog or publishing online articles, you are writing to a whole new world, and by this we are all writer-authors.

So what’s changed for you? Is it more potential for money with a world wide audience and a different style of marketing? Is it the way you interact with fans?

Online publishing what is the change?

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