The Procrastinating Writer’s Creed.

A “procrastinating writer’s creed”

Later Today I’ll sit at the Computer.

And type, it’s a writing goal of mine.

Later Today I’ll edit.


Maybe even write a new chapter…

Later Today I’ll sit down and work.

I promise I’ve got time. It’s only noon.

Later today, I’ll get to that chapter.

It’s not that hard, but…

Right now, I’ve got to much and it can’t wait.

So, Later today I’ll write.

Later Today I’ll edit.

Later today, I’ll even type out a new chapter.

I’ll do it today.

Just let me make dinner first.

No, It’s easy to write.

I can do it, not a problem,

Once I’ve read this chapter on how to write.

Once I pay my bills.

I wonder where the money went, I should look into that.

Later today I’ll type, otherwise the bills will make me ill.

I’ll sit down at the computer.

The ‘net got me! Bad Internet, it’s all the fault of the Internet.

I’ll type and write,

Once I’m done these emails.

Only five minutes! It’s six pm, plenty of time.

Okay, Let’s do this, but I need to make a phone call.

Later Today is coming really fast.

The room is not so light.

I need to get that chapter in, but wait a moment.

I’ll quickly check my emails.

Then Later today I’ll type.

In front of the computer,

I’ve got so much to do.

messy desk
get stuff done

I’ll bet I can do this

But it’s Quarter past two!

In the morning.


But Later Today!

Yes I will.

Later today.


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