No Money?…. Are You Really a Writer? Part 5 of 12

Welcome to all who are new, join in at anytime, love to hear your voice. There are so many people who have made great comments about this email, intelligent people you all are, and you’ll show the world the finest writing.

As many pointed out writing is about doing what you love, and doing it right. If that means that at this point in your life, writing is a hobby, that’s fine. For many people writing a card is a great accomplishment. I know, my mom does it that way.

I’ll give you a quick run down of my mother so that you might understand the next little bit. A child of German origin born at the end of the Second World War, she grew up in Transylvania Romania, under a communist government who, frankly didn’t want the Germans living there around. Life wasn’t easy, and she recalls walking to a village about a half hour away to go to school.

When she did finally immigrate to Canada, she was 13. She left her grandparents and cousins behind to go with her mother and siblings to an unknown future. Still the one thing she loved was writing. She did finish high school, and worked in a library. Still she never found time to write, except for the annual Christmas letter.

She would sit down and write several drafts before placing it on the Christmas card. While my father, who writes more than she does, would write several in an hour, she would painstakingly correct her work. She told me once that she believes that her Christmas cards are her one way of publishing.

I would say, mom, you show me more about writing than anyone I know. editing as well for that matter.

Really that is the heart of writing doing what you do best, some people will never write a novel, but give them a chance they will write a wonderful short story. Some who write novels will say clearly, that short stories are impossible. It;s all about passion and what works for you as a writer.

By the way, not a mention of that tittle word here. There is a reason for this. I think you can connect to a person better by knowing their strengths than by anything else. My mom will always inspire me to write, and she’ll always have a Christmas card season, starting in November.

My Question to you is This: Who inspires you?


  • Damaria Senne

    I'm inspired by the people in my life who believed in me log before I was confident I could succeed as a career writer. Their strong faith in me made me keep trying even when I felt like a failure.
    I'm inspired by my favourite authors. My love for the worlds and characters they create show me that my unique world can also have a place in the publishing world.
    I'm inspired by Devon Ellington (http://devonellington.wordpress.com) I read her blog daily and I can't help but marvel at her work ethic. Even on days when I really work hard, she still makes me look like a slacker.

  • Alissa

    One thing that is great about the internet is that no matter where we are in the world and in our writing journey, we can go online and connect with other writers who are making their way in their own writing journey. This is all the inspiration I need to sit down at the computer and type for a couple of hours. We are very fortunate to have this huge support network out there.

  • The Prodigal Tourist

    I'm afraid I'm like your mother–I take my time, I write and rewrite and rewrite again. It can be tedious and quite lonely. Did we tell you we found a publisher? Must say, that has put a new light on all those months (years) at the computer! Very exciting. Tell your readers–it happens! Have to stick with it.