Publishing is A Goal, not a Dream.

For a writer, Publishing is a goal and not a dream. 

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I understand that somethings should not be published, but that is not what this post is about.  It is more about goal setting.  I always though of publishing as a goal, since to do the work that is required you need to be more committed than for a dream. If I dreamt of publishing a book, I’d probably add something along the lines of to be a writer exactly like “James Joyce” or “Terry Brooks.”  They are two distinct writers, and although I can emulate them, they are not quite what I need.

First off I am a woman, not a man, and secondly, as much as I’d love to write the next literary classic, or bestselling novel, I am setting my goals a bit more realistically. Along the lines of publishing and marketing a book for an audience that I’ve targeted in a marketing plan.  I can also argue that Virginia Wolf and J.K. Rowling’s writing would be good to emulate, as they are successful female writers, but again I am not at this level.  I’ll still say I’ll need to set some goals.

I sit down and set my goal.  One goal might be to write 3,000 words in five days.  Another might be to learn about what will help or harm your potential sales of books.

Sounds rather boring? 

It’s not. I think the best thing that I can do is have a goal and a dream. I dreamt of writing, and I almost want to say look what I am doing now, writing a blog, a journal and a book.  My writing goal is to publish a book. Then to sell it to the general public.  It means setting another goal, and learn how to market my books.

One of the main reason why I write so often and work on publishing a high quality book is because of my goals.

I am a more creative person and yet, I am also very logical. I like to be organized and have everything in order.  Goal setting makes me feel my publishing dream can happen sooner as opposed to later and that no matter how ‘boring’ it may seem there will be a certain level of success.


  • Penny

    To set our goals in life, builds our mindset for success. To be successful in publishing, or in life success takes being discipline when setting our goals. Successful goals determines our achievements. At http://determined2.com Interactivity that promotes successful pursuit of life goals.

  • Koala Bear Writer

    I think you’re right about the distinction between dreams and goals. Dreams are, well, dreamy. Something we hope will happen someday, if we’re lucky. Goals are something we can pursue, work towards, put a lot of effort into. And writing is about work and effort. So go for your goals! 🙂

  • Jake Olvido

    Yes, publishing is a goal because it is attainable, a realization and a fulfillment of our dreams and visions in writing. With goals we become focused for success, just like what Penny said.

    Goals give us a purpose, a sense of value, a feeling of having an important something to share with book lovers and readers.

  • james

    Keep up with the goal commenting, Penny has a good point, check her site she gave you as it makes so much sense.

    Do you put goals on paper?

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