Day 10:

Cut and paste is a bit of a challenge but that’s okay.
Not to worry I have everything under control… All that was needed was a box of bandages. After all, I can’t really use cutting devices all that well. Take it from me don’t try a mini paper cutter. And tape, that too.

But I still am working with three chapters, and it’s not as hard as I expected. More words and editing, and it’s sounding better. I read it out loud to see if there is anything that doesn’t sound right.

Proofreading helps as well.

What I’m Reading:

Still on the Two Georges. I’m not sure if I’d recommend the book, but it is good. I do like the premise of America having never left the British Empire. Still… there is something I can’t quite totally enjoy about it.

I do recommend the Sword of Shannara. Terry Brooks is a good writer.

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