Editing and Writing

Day 9:

An important aspect that most people forget in all of the creative process is the “is this edit-able?” pardon the pun but this is very true.

I think the reason most people stop writing is not so much the outlines or the plans but the little imp known as the right side of the brain takes over and says how does this sound in the book? Better yet, getting the person who you want to read your book, but who has never, ever, or has forgotten how to write read it! Big bad idea. Worse still you listen to that advice.

Okay then we’ve finished with the process and lo and behold, you read it through yourself… not so good…

So the next question becomes can it be fixed… Most times yes it can, but with more work than when the book started. That is where the editor comes in… NOT YOU! what is needed is someone who writes and publishes to read it. Thanks to my editor Rachel for that.

I’m int eh middle of editing now, after cutting and pasting. Real honest cutting and pasting as I printed the book out and cut and pasted it. Then I did the same thing on the computer. It worked wonders.. and Rachel is pleased.

Now on to more edits.

What I’m reading:

The Two Georges by Harry Turtledove. Cute book on the alternate history front, not so great mystery.

The First Five Pages By Noah Lukeman, IF you want to write Read This Book!