Writing and Creative Writing… and Publishing Goals

I figured I’d throw this one out.

If you had to write and write well, where would you go to do it?

Or better yet, you wanted to get your creative writing juices flowing where would you go?

(The answer for me is the outdoors. I’ll sit with my laptop and read and enjoy the sun. Sometimes it is with a good book, and that seems to help in both ways, My more preferred authors are Terry Brooks and Jack Whyte, but I do like to find another good author… any suggestions?)

But also when you do creative writing or writing in general is it towards a goal or for fun or what else?

Take me for an example: My non-fiction writing is for the goal of it being published by a traditional printing press and to have it shown in bookstores, and yes, I’m okay with selling it for a dollar if I don’t do my work. My fiction though is right now for pleasure an enjoyment, although at some point I would love to see it published as well.

For both I am not blind to the fact that I could be in for bad luck or the books don’t sell but it is good to have as many goals as you can.

If you want to know the topic of my non-fiction, see my other blog.

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