Writing and Comments

Day 10:

When I write I need to comment about my work, often to myself. This way I see it through the eyes of a reader.

I’ll print it out and read it far, far away from either a desk or a library. In fact anywhere where I don’t do work on my book. This way I read it as a reader. it helps, the best way to proofread in fact, and as a bonus I see all the mistakes spell check doesn’t see.

Already. Alright. See my point? Spell check most certainly won’t “see” those.

But I do get work done after that as I often will bring a pencil along to circle mistakes or changes I want.

What I’m reading:

The First Five Pages. Lukeman’s got tons of excellent ideas, and advice. I am doing the unthinkable of marking pages! His is adamant about nouns and verbs. Not adverbs and adjectives, something I need to work on.


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