Roy Marko’s Garage: The Great Beater Challenge 2021 Update

Roy Marko updates the Hudson Hornet and the Great Beater Challenge for 2021, and what an adventure it is.

The Pontiac isn’t a part of the Great Beater Challenge!

He updates everyone on the AMC 199 Engine and how it’s running, and gives a detailed update on how he installs a 1955 chevy fuel tank in the Hudson Hornet. He has a budget of $700 on none safety related items, (brakes, windshield and thing like that are considered safety items) that he is trying to meet for the Great Beater Challenge 2021. It’s been cancelled since 2019, and he wants to show off his talents on what is best described as a poker run…. And it’s coming up soon, and there is a lot more to do on the Hudson Hornet, the engine works (hopefully…) and besides what else could go wrong?

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