Get More Traffic to My Blog? How Should I Do That?

It is very nice when you draw readers to your blog, and I am sure that most of us want to have what more technologically inclined people call “traffic.”  Why would we want to get this traffic?  Simple, we want to gain readers who are interested in our books, or read our writing and then hire us.

It is important not to get discouraged when people don’t read your blog. You’ve built and published it and, if you update your blog enough, (if I may quote a movie) … they will come.  You could say that it will improve your passion for writing and this will get more traffic.

But you might be wondering, how do I increase traffic to my blog?  Perhaps, just like a book, you might need to promote it better…

Or you might need to write more and publish more.  For example, one book might make you $100 whereas two or more published books might make you $200 (and so on.) Similarly, a blog post might be worth a penny, but a few blog posts might be worth a dime…. as long as you care about quality and you are willing to decide what is more important to you– blog or book.  Or learn to balance both with some great time management.

The easiest answer to get more traffic to your blog is to commit to writing and publishing and fixing up your blog as best you can, and to always think of your reader first.  Then the traffic will come, and if your committed to writing some great blog posts, you will have the people stay for a lot longer.

While you might want to make money, and this does mean generating more traffic, you also need to think of your blog’s usefulness to your readers.  I can always think my blog post is good– but if it’s not useful or doesn’t provide anything to my readers I still have a blog, but no readers.

This also means expanding your audience. If you create a new blog on say publishing, then writing a few online articles can really help your readership grow– again, as long as the writing is good people will come and read your work.  This is important to people.

The main thing to think about is that no matter what, focus on what is important to you, and write about it in your blog, (like my book, which I am passionate about!) and that will also help get more traffic to your blog.