“Get Better” Wriitng… But I can Say This About Making Money With My Writing

As with most things in life, you can get better at it.  As long as you try to get better at it.  A paradox or not really?

I can say this that from my own experience.. if you want better writing, then you will go all out to become a better writer.  It is the small things to begin with, say writing and editing, or even spell checking your work.

Then you seem to improve, and people will take notice, but it is still not enough. 

Why??  Because in this writing business, you will need to make money to make a living writing, and publishing your work.  At some point you do have to publish your work, and while you won’t be perfect you will find more people will be appreciative of your efforts.  Editing your work, and having others edit your work is the only way to improve your writing.

Improve your writing means making money is that what you are trying to tell me?

In a sense yes, but it isn’t automatic. Improvement is a daily thing.  I can miss a lot of things one day, but then find them another.  It means that I am willing to do the work to improve my writing.  It also means that I will spend a bit of money to get the better writing you want.

So, I can make money with my writing, but it means that I have to work at it, and it means learning if the money is worth the work.