Why Living a Life of Writing?

This is the questions all writers, who really want o write as a career face, why living a life of writing? why call it that?

In every person’s life they can all point to a passion, something that they love doing something that makes them want to do this for the rest of their lives. In fact this is what they do “for a living.” On the other hand, do you write as a passion and hope that it will be come something you want to make a career on? Would being a writer make you happy, even if it meant less money?

I never really thought about my blog when I first began, I have a URL of Rebecca’s book, but the title was something that seemed to evolve as I did. In essence it grew with my growth as a writer:

At first, it was : My Book Journey… but that didn’t last long.

The it was: A writing life… this lasted for a while.

Then by mistake I was fixing up my blog, which I do on a semi-regular basis, any computer inclined people out there to help would be great!, I typed in Living a Life of Writing. it stuck

Living a Life of Writing is something that really defines a passion a joy that all writers seem to share. Writing a blog is a natural extension of this. One can also argue that I am publishing my work, but then I wouldn’t be calling this that title but more something along the lines of Living a Life of Publishing.

Of course publishing is all a part of writing, it isn’t the end as some might say but a new beginning. I in fact say I publish on my blog every day, and it seems to grow with me. I suspect that like writing, publishing grows with the writer.

So living a life of writing simply means the goal in your life is to write full-time and if your passion is writing then you focus your energies on writing. In my case I love writing, but I also love teaching, and that seem to be the case when I write on hub pages, most of my hubs I write now are based upon requests. It would be nice to have a few on writing, but I love what I do.

Enjoy your journey with living a life of writing. It is the best thing in the world.