The Icy Dance of Time

When I need to tell time, I usually use a watch. It’s an important aspect to my day, and some people think I am a bit nuts because of it. It’s not easy for me to spend my day wondering where the day went. But I think the worst thing is when Time seems to stop.

There are more people who need to get into the dance of time, and this new style of watch seems to help. I almost wanted to get into the swing of things and buy one for myself, the Lego like container and all, but the logo itself is pretty nice.

The Ice Watch is something to behold, and the website is fun and filled with a lot of value. The variety of choice is great in terms of colour and in the coming years it should be interesting to see if Ice Watch will dominate the market.

There are stores located all over the world and the website is for all intents and purposes a well published and well marketed piece. I would certainly buy a new watch and this would be a good one… someday.

Until then I’ll dream about this, and of course remember that there is something always needed a great way to tell time.