Writing quotes are everywhere. Some people want them because it gives them some sort of perspective on their own writing journey. For others, it is about the need to feel a sense of belonging to the writer whom they admire, but they can’t get the one-on-one time they want. A new writer needs support as much as a more experienced writer. It’s about the process or the journey this life takes you, and how far you are willing to grow and go.

I happen to love this quote, because although I did enjoy writing, I didn’t hit my stride until later on.  Hearing this from John Grisham made a difference to myself as a writer.

I might not be an American, but I find Benjamin Franklin is one of my most powerful influences when it comes to writing, and editing. Just write, and this goes for a blog too.

Blogging is also about writing, and this quote reminds me no matter what, a blog is always big enough.

Blogging, writing, publishing? It’s all the same idea when it comes to success. An old saying goes “if at first you don’t succeed” (the rest is left up to the reader- but the most common ending is “try, try again”)

E.L. Doctorow, whose famous book “The Book of Daniel” made me see how much I have to go as a writer, is one of my most quoted writers because it’s a constant reminder of what writing is supposed to be about.

Professional or not, it’s a good thing to keep on writing, no matter what.

Does anyone love the Avengers or Buffy the Vampire Slayer? This Joss Whedon quote sums up how I feel about writing fiction, it gives me the chance to explore everything I normally would not.

And the last one, about creating themselves and writing. Orson Scott Card says it best become a creative writer.

Quotes about writing are good for any writer, since this is the way they can learn to relate to others, and build on their own writing skills.  Writing quotes, are only good enough if you can parlay them in your own writing.