If You Think You Have It BAD, Think Again.

That evil dreaded rut is hard on writers.  It’s that time when you call it writers’ block or when you can’t seem to decide what to do with some extra bit of draft that you can’t seem to let go of… the cliche, “It could always be worse!” rings true.

This is most true when you sit down and read a few emails from more successful (in your mind at least) friends who are publishing another book, writing another draft, doing something towards earning money to live their dream of writing.  It’s all great news, but when you can’t even sit down in front of the computer without a panic attack… it’s horrible.

You might think you have it bad, and you might believe that you won’t be bale to do what they have done.  Stop that line of thinking right now.  It’ a new year, and it’s a new way to think.  You might have it bad, but think again.

There is always potential in your life.  There is always something better, but you have to focus and find out what might work for you.  Writing is a process, and what you published a while ago means you have done something right.  Life isn’t that bad, and even if you are in the middle of a rut, it is just a temporary dip in creativity.

You will publish more, you will be able to write more, but there needs to be a push, some one or some thing that will make you want to write and publish your work.  Setting some goals is a good beginning, but you need to break down those goals a lot more.

You might say you will write 1,000 words a day.  Good, now put that into action.  1,000 words can include a blog post or even a bit of your draft.  If you’re really stuck, you can write an email, or work on comments to your blogs.  The point is that 1,000 words a day is doable.  If you were to say set your goal as 1,000 per day on your book… well that might mean that your life will feel very “busy.”

Yes, it is bad when you feel you can’t write or won’t have a book published ever, but stop, think again, and realize that you might be in a rut because you set the wrong type of goals.

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