Enjoy Success! Then Keep Writing

It’s a special day when you can finally tell people that you have published a book.  

It’s a lovely day when you can sit back and read the work of a great writer, and then can come up with more ideas to improve your writing. There is something to write about, and getting ‘free’ advice from another source helps you.

It’s a peaceful day for a writer when there were no challenges or distractions to take you away from your writing.  It’s a productive day when you have more than one sale for your book. It’s a joyful day when you have the best day of sales for your book… ever. These sorts of days are great.  They show you that there is such a thing as success.

Enjoy that success if you have set a goal to earn money so that you can focus on writing more, or write another book, or have more time to spend with family and friends without having to worry about what you need to do for the next day.

Talent, and the success that comes with it comes simply from working hard and setting goals, and being driven to succeed in what you set out to do.  It is not simply thinking that your work will be easy or that self-publishing a book is something that can happen overnight, it is about enjoying the moment of success… and then keep writing to have more success.

Writers are valued because they care so much about their writing, and they each have their own definition of success.  They are driven to succeed in their writing, and they are also driven to improve their writing.  Writers love to learn and they love to find out what makes people want to read more of their work.  That is where a writer needs to sit down and think.  Then keep writing.

Should you enjoy your success?  

Yes, you should, and you need to set more goals to see more success over time.  It is one thing to have “hit” a goal, but it is another when you find another bigger goal to focus on, and this way you will see more success.  You can create something and you can also see it to the end if you have passion for your writing and want to improve your writing from where you are now.