Would You Write on Most Online Writing Sites?

There are many people who think about writing and who think about the art of making money in terms of writing online.  One such place that offers you a chance to write and then to make money online is the various online writing sites.  As of 2011 there are many places to choose to write on.  This does not mean you leave your blog alone.  Or, plan to abandon it for the “lucrative” offers each writing site offers to you.

Most people have heard of the various online writing sites such as Hubpages or its counterparts and most writers are willing to try to make a go of it..  There are a few points to understand about most of the online wiring sites you might publish with:

1) This needs a bit of html knowledge: If you are used to writing things where all you do is press a button and then get what you wan t, this does not happen.  So if you want to add a link say in a bit of text, you will need to think of the “code” that it involves.

 The more you understand about links and other types of code, the better and more professional your blogs will be.

2) You have to update your work a lot:  Other wise you will lose time and effort, and then you will not make money.  It is simple in that regard.  Editing an online article is important, just as it is in a blog setting.  There is no other way to earn income.  The better your content the more professional your writing, the more trust you will earn from your readers.

3) You Need links: If you are good at link building this is great, but if you are not, don’t bother with it, if you write some great content work on understanding what is important about keywords, and protect your content, you will see success over time. Money, traffic and most importantly well written content are key to creating a something that makes you money over time.

Knowing this would you write on one of the many online places that exist now?  Do you write on them and find success or is it your blogs and websites and create the most income and passion for your writing?

In many ways it is like a blog, you have to write a lot of content and then keep on at it to either make money or to enjoy it more.


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