IMHO— Really, That is What Writing is About.

The thing I do love about writing, I mean really do love about writing, is that a blog is a way to learn and to build on my professional writing.

Of course, Damaria said it best, it is a view, a thought, and a process.  Something which is an opinion, and one that you can see as such.

What really makes the good writer is the research that they do.  I was thinking about the style of research I do  now, and what I used to do.  A library is still my best friend, but then so are the people whom I value as points of reference that I have from my school days and beyond.

Still, I am certain many would view the Internet as a fast an easy way to get information.  But if you want to be seen as a professional, you will need to do the right sort of research and that means less Internet and more  time in a library.

So why do more people turn to blogs and other websites to research their work?  I suspect it is the time fact but also the money factor.  You can look at sites and get ideas from there, but really what writing is about is not the grammar or the spelling (these are important, and do not ever think it isn’t) but the research behind the writing.

In My Humble Opinion, research, done correctly, that is what writing is about.

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