Make Money With Writing: Four Ways to Freelance

Make money and writing are a big topics in many areas of the online world. People will write about any topic and expect something in return really money really fast. Now, for my own personal view I think money is great and is something that people need, but at the same time, if the writing is not good then you should think about why you are writing in the first place.

The heart of the matter is that most writers freelance, and because they do this, along with other commitments, there are usually a few ways that writers say they freelance. Below are four common ways writers freelance for some money. or, better yet, how they make money with writing:

1) Writing Online Articles: In this case, it is a very large pool, a writer can write on Helium, or HubPages or Squidoo. There they make money based on what they have written. The better the article, the more likely they make some money with their writing. Some writer also use e-zine articles as a way to promote their writing with the idea that there will at some point be traffic from that article to something that they make money with.

2) Freelance Blogging: I have to admit this is a new one, but for some writers this works, they write a blog post, and for say about 15 dollars, they write a post and get paid. Of course this can be up and down and the money needs to come slowly but it does come from their contact. This benefit means that you will have a small byline somewhere but make some money.

3) Magazines, and newspapers, online or otherwise: This is very useful, as it shows that “mainstream” media has accepted you. Of course, you will need to be punctual and have an idea of your rates and the standard going rate for writing. Many writers do make good money this way.

4) Having their own blog and guest posting while using advertisements: Now this is a controversial one but often writers say they do well with their business when they use this method, of course, it means building a blog which people will want to read, but the effort in some cases, according to many writers is worth the effort. They do spend time writing quality content and value their work.

In the end this is often a way to make a bit of extra money, but know why you are writing in the first place.


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