Writing is Easy.. It’s Edit-it-ing that is Hard

I can say this right now, writing anything is easy, simple, the words flow, and well, frankly, the next part is hard.

Editing. Or as I like to call it edit-it-ing. I’ve got to edit it. That’s takes time.

I admit right now, that it’s not easy for me to “see” my mistakes, or worst still know when something is not quite right.

It takes me about two or three days to see it before I can fix it. This is bad when you are on a tight timetable.

But I figure if Adele and Christy and BJ can do it so can I!


  • Adele

    I tend not to catch my mistakes in Word. I have to read it in PDF or print out the pages and then it sticks out at me. The key is patience and just keep re-reading. You'll get it eventually!

  • Duchess O'Blunt

    I don't think I'm the best at editing, but I can generally do a half decent job. It's the little things that sneak by me that I very often miss. I don't depend on myself for this. I cannot – I'd be completely lost. If it's important, I always get my "X-tra Set of Eyes" (my editor.

    She tells me that some are born to write (and swears I am one of those people) and some are born to correct the writers. She feels being the one to correct the writer is the more important role.

    Love her though. πŸ™‚

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