My Self- Publishing Journey

I’m busy right now trying to edit and get a good draft out for my book. It’s become a baby to me. Oh well now for the growing up stage.

Still I looked into Create Space and Lighting Source both of whom seem to have good or decent reputations. The bonus to book is you can use your own ISBN… which really makes you a self-publisher.

I can’t thanks Christy enough for her book. Telling me how to get an ISBN is a god-send. I wouldn’t have known where to go.

Still working on writing, but never the less, My working title is “A Grief Unobserved.”

Any suggestions for a good title on grieving is most helpful.


  • Adele

    I look forward to your book – and if you need another set of eyes for typos let me know. Lightning Source is great, but the main issue is how much time you want to put into typesetting and cover design. Create Space is better if you don't want to mess with all the formatting. Also you have such a solid online market you'll do great either way. Best of luck!

  • Al

    Titles are so hard.
    It took me months to settle on "Veiled in Shadows" for my book.

    I am not sure of exactly what you want to convey with your title.
    An idea that came to mind was
    "An Unseen Sorrow".

    I agree Christy's book is very handy.

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