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Day 23:

It’s to early to deal with so many things, especially when I’m sick, but I can’t call in sick to my brain, since it goes on with more ideas even when I would like to sleep.

Michael sent a good comment yesterday for one of my blogs, thanks. He raises some very interesting points and I would love to hear from others about it. I won’t put his comment here, all you need to do is check it out.

I Guess you could say I’m old fashioned, in that I like traditional publishers, and I worry about the vanity presses, I have nothing against people who publish on their own, but I worry about the promises that groups such as Author House, IUniverse, Xlibris, and others make.

The starting prices look great, but reading what you get for under a $1000US (in some cases from these self-publishing companies, you don’t get editing done for that price) makes me question them.

It would be great to hear comments on this one.

How about Traditional publishers? what are their drawbacks?

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  • JS

    In this case, I will talk in the context of writers looking to get their first work published. I feel such writers don't have any choices. They are just desperate to see their work in print, whether it is traditional publishers or the vanity one. Makes sense?…JS

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