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You can contact us at emrichrebecca @ if you have questions or would like to guest blog here on our website.  You can also leave comments or suggestions for which topic on writing you would like us to write about.  When sending an email please mark in the subject line whom you are contacting directly for either comments or topic request.

Note that with the contact us it can take a week to respond as there is only one person who checks the emails.

We are also on Twitter and Pintrest  follow us on any of these, and we can chat online.

We love writing and blogging, but the greatest part is hearing from our readers!  We have a Privacy Policy on our website as well should you have more questions about who and why we do what we do.

Also, go on over to the Amazon websites for our first book, In Search of The Lost Ones and on Kindle In Search of The Lost Ones and also at and for those who live in Europe it can also be found on

We review books.  We’d love to hear from authors.  If you’d like us to read your book, please give us one to two weeks to read and review your book.

Enjoy a very Nerdy Romp!

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