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Roy Marko and Mike Malaka At a Car Auction

Roy Marko’s Garage was off to see what a car auction in a nearby community was offering- and maybe find a few pieces for his cars he needed to buy. He was excited and he brought along for the ride another car enthusiast, Mike Malaka, who also is a part of Nerdy Vloggers.

Of course, there was a bit of a twist to the auction that is something this normally doesn’t happen, it was going to be held online for George Thompson, who was a car enthusiast in the area and had a lot of classic cars in his acreage, and recently passed away, and Roy visited his place to see some of cars, and the car parts with a friend of his, Mike Malaka, and saw some potential buys he wanted… can you guess which ones?

Most of the cars were in very good condition, but some needed some TLC and Roy spent time looking and enjoying them, and filmed and shared it with everyone. The video is at the end of this blog post, and you can go to Roy Marko’s Garage and subscribe for more videos.

No nothing for the hudson hornet, but some pieces to build more stuff on Roy Marko’s Garage. Some of the stuff Roy felt was worth some money and Mike liked all the cars, and they enjoyed looking at them, and are planning a few more trips to these places next year. It’s a bit chilly now, but that doesn’t mean the car aren’t going to be worked on and YouTube videos aren’t going to be made.

Go and watch some Mike Malaka and of course enjoy and let him know.

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