Custom Scale Models By Roy Marko Tools of the Trade

Roy Marko doesn’t seem to like just a scale model. In fact he can’t say he likes stock built models either, but one thing he loves is customizing his work. He started with a simple group of model tools, and he keeps building on them.

He then began to collect models, and he uses most of his models to work with… another model. Call him crazy but he has his tools of the trade.

He recommends to those who are new to the scale model hobby to buy a basic tool set of models. In fact, to start the ones from Amazon are generally more economical to buy than at a hobby shop.

Your tools of the trade are important, and even a high quality mat comes in handy. Roy’s best advice? Take your time, and start with a nice group of tools so that you can feel more confident in your work on a basic scale model. Start with a level one or two and go from there.

Happy modelling.