Writing on an iPad: A Review

With the many choices of tablets on the market which tablet would I recommend to writers?
When you open the box everything is simple-. The cable to charge your device, simple. Can be plugged in either way. No need to fumble with which way is up anymore with the new lightning cable.
The device itself is sleek and clean. When you turn it on for the first time you get excited by the welcome screen. This device has possibilities. I know for me I wasn’t sure which one I wanted to explore first.
Because I am a bit of a stickler I installed the apps that you get free with your iPad and ran all updates. Before I downloaded anymore new apps I familiarized myself with the basics.
Pages is Apple’s version of Word. I enjoy it immensely. I’d have to say even more than Word and I have been a PC user longer than I have had my Mac or my iPad. As a writer I like the flexibility that using the keyboard, or a wireless keyboard which I use the most now, or the touch screen has to offer. In years past I had to tote my laptop around. This means separate bag for the laptop and those things were heavy.
Currently, new iPads are less than a pound, 437 grams or 0.93 pounds, make it light and easy to bring all your writing or research with you. Most likely they will become lighter over time.
I also like the fact that once all my devices (Mac, iPad and my iPhone) are signed into the same iCloud account that I can access all my documents on every device without transferring or emailing the file.
I know that writing has almost taken on an impersonal feel with the use of computers. Gone are the days of handwriting your first drafts, although a few authors still do. I find that I miss the use of the typewriter. The sound of the keys as it hits the paper and the ding as you slide it over to start a fresh line.
Then Hanx Writer app appeared in the app store. I was intrigued. As a writer getting the chance to have the look and feel of the typewriter with the portability of my new device was too good to pass up. The Hank writer app was the brain child of Actor Tom Hanks and if I ever get the chance to meet him I want to shake his hand.
Tired of toting his own typewriters around the world for movie shoots he spawned this amazing idea. With this app you have the ability to type on three old fashioned typewriters ($5.49 US for the expansion, Free for the classic Prime Select model). But what is magical about this app that it has all the things that we love about Pages/Word built right in.
You can have multiple manuscripts on the go, change type color (part of the expansion) and edit the document all the while immersed with the sounds and the sights of a vintage typewriter.
This app is Apple exclusive so Android users will not be able to enjoy. For this app alone, as a writer, makes the purchase of an iPad worth it.
Looking at size between the full size at 9.7 inches and 7.9 inches for the mini it just depends how you are carrying it and what else are you going to do with it.
I chose the 9.7 inch because not only do I love to write but I like to draw and watch videos. Also until I purchased the wireless keyboard the on screen one had larger keyboard “keys” which made it easer to type.
The mini is great if you travel a lot and want to have it take up less room in your carry on or purse.

My last point to Apple’s credit is it’s operating system. It is Unix based system. Governments of the world, large companies and banks have their computer systems Unix based. To this date Apple products have never had a virus. There is no virus software that exists for your Mac.This speaks volumes.

With the Bloging universe and the Literary universe melding online now it only makes sense to have a device that is easy to use, has a plethora of applications to work with and globally known as a top brand.
Now all that is left is to decide on the color.


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