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“In theory should I not be able to make more money the more I publish?” The money issue. The writing about anything and wanting to make money with it.The thing which drives every writer mad. Unfortunately, many people in their lives may go through financial hardships. Everything is either too expensive, you don’t make enough money at work or a situation has come up, which means you have to use what little money you have in your account to resolve the problem. Whatever the problem, there is always a solution. My friend’s parents were telling her how they were victims of mis-sold pension, which meant that when it came to retiring, they didn’t have enough money as they thought they did. So, with the help of family friends, they were advised to visit this site, where they were able to speak to the right professionals to eventually get back the money they lost. No matter how old or young you are, the idea of having enough money will always play on your mind. But it is always important to remember that there are people out there willing to give you a helping hand.

The one thing which must be understood after asking this question is that not all your published blog posts will earn money. The issue isn’t about money, or earning it or anything of the sort, it’s about you as a writer. It’s about you as a blogger.You could write a blog post about making money blogging and make a dollar, but write a nearly similar article later on, and don’t make a dime. It’s frustrating, and not at all what you set out to do, as you want to be living a life of writing. You blog was supposed to be easy- it was supposed to be fun. Money, yes money, was supposed to come easy.

The Internet, fair or not, works this way. It is a business, and some companies will always do better than others. The same is true with writing. It’s a lot like Sudoku, the rules are simple, fill in a row, and a box with the numbers 1-9, and do this so no line and box has more than the same number in it more than once.The problem is you have to figure out the 1-9 with only 3 or 4 numbers in the entire puzzle.

Take for example a writer who for many years focused on places, writing sites outside of their blogs. For example, many years ago so called gurus- not professional bloggers- suggested using e-zine articles as a place to put links. How times have changed, and for the last two years, it is not advisable to keep an article on e-zine articles, which are now looked upon as “spam.” If you have any articles there, it can drag down your overall brand and view by writers.

Plan A 25 Letters
Do you have a plan “C”?

More importantly, Google, the search engine, sees them as bad, and will not like your blog as much when there are links from sites such as these. If you plan to do what so many other writers do which is found in the book How To Make Money Blogging you need to fix your ‘small’ problems. Small problems become big ones and that can challenge you in more ways than you might expect.

I had one e-zine article up linking to Living a Life of Writing. Now in the grand scheme of things, this doesn’t seem like much, it is one link after all, one link. It shouldn’t harm the blog, nor would it harm making money blogging- or so one would think.

Not so fast. The moment I deleted it, and any other articles I could find on such types of sites, the more traffic and money seemed to have come back to the blog. My brand suffered because I didn’t take a money issue seriously. I didn’t take what was a business and the new way of doing business as I needed to.

extraordinary quoteThe reverse is also true- the more writing you have done, the more you can improve your writing. However, this also means there needs to be a willingness to return to where you began and re-write re-new and re-invest in your blog. It’s how you take negative comments, and turn them into positives. It is also how you learn about what works for making money online.It’s not easy. Not every writer wants to earn money online, and not every person who blogs wants to create something beyond a certain point.

To make money, you need to stand out. You need to know where your readers and your writing comes from. Some do better with a team of people who know more about tech products, or social media than they do. Some blogs are a one writer show.Most people do make some money writing. Most of the time, it’s not about making a living writing, but rather it is about being passionate. At some point when it comes to the ‘money issue’ you’ll have to make a choice, is it going to go professional or are you simply just going to enjoy the ride you are on?


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