The Intuitive Process of Writing

Are you an intuitive writer?

writing with pen and paperFor a writer, there is a cycle to writing and publishing books, it begins when he starts to write a book, edit it, have it beta read, re-edit, and begin the submission process- with the intent to have the book published.  A writer isn’t done yet- he must repeat this process again— with another manuscript.

A cycle like this, frustrating as it may be, is something even a new writer intuitively understands.  He doesn’t need logic to know writing is frustrating.

If my aim is to publish, and I have started writing a book, there are a number of choices which have to be established first- an answer to questions if you will. Is this something I can be passionate about even through my frustrations, making it something positive for others?  Where is my market and can I locate it?  Whom should I publish my book with?  Will it make me money?

There is another issue which I need to address, not necessarily for all writers who want to publish a book, but there is an undercurrent there nonetheless: some writers want fame and fortune, they want a lot money for their hard efforts before the book is ever published.  I’m not against setting goals, but if you don’t know your market, wanting fame and fortune isn’t a great goal- because deep down everyone wants this.

It may not be for writing, but it is there.

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It’s sometimes a lot to take in, but listen

The main problem with the line of ‘money and fame’ is the process which writers take in their writing,  because publishing a book takes a long time—even self-publishing a book can take more than a year if you want it done correctly.

Most writers will learn that the process of writing is intuitive- they can sense what works and what doesn’t for their writing style.  It’s not about logic, but the deep abiding passion for the art.  It is not stress in this case but passion

There’s a lot of pressure being a writer, and following your heart and not just your head.

This process can be long and hard or, a time of growth and change- it’s part learning but also part expanding.  There are countless lessons to learn.  There is always something positive which comes out of it. I’m not saying there won’t be challenges, because the best writers and people have challenges- it’s how you grow from there. Even the purpose driven life makes it clear there will always be something about writing- and sharing the intuitive aspect of it, which will help both you and others.

This might not involve fame or money, but it shows a person how they can be more ‘in tune’ with their writing.

It is a cycle that goes beyond writing.  The best writers intuitively understand this.  They take the challenges of life  and create something to focus on.

They want to share their passion about their work to others, and in the process grow.  Become something better- face a challenge they have with a sense there is someone who needs them to have this- they become a butterfly or a diamond.  Success is a combination of time, and consistent actions.  Not talk or dreaming.

A writer should intuitively understand that a book, a blog, an article isn’t theirs, because after it’s written and published it goes out of the hands of the writer for someone else to read- and hopefully to enjoy.  Then, after a book has ‘flown the nest’ a writer goes back and begins anew.  By this time, a writer will feel and understand there is a part of him which is out there making a positive difference.

The intuitive process of writing can be seen most clearly in the first draft, there is a spark to it, there is something there, – the logical part of it, makes it better.  This is the pressure for a book, or for a blog.  Put it under pressure to improve it.

The best advice a writer can take from the process is to be passionate when writing, and to be brutal when editing.  Then work on the next step- publishing.


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