Make an Impact While Blogging for a Living

physical map of the worldWouldn’t we all like to have a blog that impacts peoples’ lives. We’d love to write ‘THE’ book that changes the game around, and makes us into something more.

Except we have to contend with the rat-race, and nobody really cares about us. Or, we’d like to assume that no one cares.

To others, we are just another blogger, or just another writer who is out to make a buck.

It’s true, blogging for a living is about making an impact. Although, to make an impact you need to maximize the potential of your blog. This starts with your web hosting, which is a subject not many of us are actually clued up on. Naturally, reading reviews will be the way forward. You may want to look at web hosting UBC review, to get you kicked off. However, blogging, or writing a blog, or whatever you do can become a little bit more tedious when you know you aren’t changing the world. You’ve got your own little corner, and your own little office, but the world? Not really.

There’s the heart of the matter- making an impact doesn’t sound all that glamorous now does it?

I’ve sat in front of this computer for far too many hours to count, and wondered what sort of post makes an impact on our readers. I write about things I am passionate about, and what matters to me, because these impact my life. It’s the standard which is being built for me, and by me. Living is just that, except I am not the one who matters in the equation of blogging. If no one read our blog, I wouldn’t earn income. If no one read my book, the result would be the same. I always think, without the help of IT Support Services, I wouldn’t have known about the idea of hosting. Initially, I didn’t realise how important this was for creating a blog. But when I found out it was an essential part of having a website or a blog, I knew I would always be thankful to a friend of mine who recommended this to me. So that is just one piece of advice for anyone looking to start a blog. Find a good hosting provider, to allow your blog to go live online. You’ll also be able to build a following.

People matter. People make the difference.

I’m under no illusion about how much work this blog takes, and how much of my heart and soul goes into many of my blog posts. These posts mean a lot to many of my readers, and some have become regular commenters, but I still ask myself this question:

Do I make a big impact? Probably not.

Quote on Blogging Darren RowseDo you know how to make an impact while blogging? It’s simple, you have to be passionate for this life and this challenge. I can change one person on our blog, and make it better for him, because I stood up for something I believe in, which is writing- or like the blog title says- Living a Life of Writing. I can only fight so many battles, and our blog is the one place I can write, and make an impression on more than one person. I can talk at length about social networking. But it boils down to making an impact and caring more about everyone else than yourself.

The way to make an impact is to actually care, even a little about writing, or in this case, blogging. If you don’t care, you won’t make an impact. You should design a space in your home designated to blogging, make your own attractive home office as it has been proven that working in an environment that you find attractive will boost your productivity. Many businesses have started employing people to work at home as this eliminates the need for them to invest money in buying an office unit for their employees. This will save the business lots of money and may save them from having to organise a merchant advance. If you are wondering, what is a merchant cash loan? You should check out Delancey street!

I have another job, and as much as I enjoy it, I don’t make an impression on anyone. I am quick to be forgotten, and I would assume- rightly so if I left today- my impression, or impact on the store would last for a couple of days. There, I don’t matter. I don’t have the overall passion for this particular job as I do for this blog. This blog has become the life I love.

Do I make an impact writing on our blog? No, not as much as I want to. Do I matter in the long run the way the blog is run? Not At All.

What I want is for this blog to challenge the people who come to it, and challenge me in very positive ways. I am slowly going back to older posts and finding I didn’t make an impact, because I was full of excuses. I didn’t take ownership of this blog.

be better than yesterday

By now you’re probably wondering why I refer to this blog as “our” blog. It is certainly not mine. In a sense, from the moment I chose to publish Living a Life of Writing it never was. This is a blog where readers matter, and it is our blog, everyone who comments put a bit of themselves into this blog.

This is a blog in which the other writers matter too. In fact, I’ve told the rest of the writers it is their blog- they have some ownership of this blog too. Because it’s about writing, and about developing people on this blog.

Blogging for a living is a lot like this. It becomes your heart and soul, and you only want to make it better. When someone tells me they want to blog for a living, I almost want to tell them don’t do it. It will consume you, it will cost you blood, sweat and tears, and it’s not the life anyone would want to have except for one thing.

Do you want to make an impact?

If you want to take about seven years of writing, and more than a million words, along with thinking about your readers, and finding a way to touch one life who needs it. I’m sure almost anyone can blog about money and make a few dollars, but when it comes down to it, will that help anyone else?

Is this making an impact while blogging for a living?

If you can be stronger as a person and a writer, and then find a reason to keep going every day, there is a way you will make an impact. Focus on everyone but yourself first and you will make an impact on your readers, and will be blogging for a living.


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