Get Up Offa That Thang!

It is inevitable that some people
just completely disagree that you should spread your attention and effort
between a hobby and an sustainable income. “I don’t want to do anything other
than write!” “I’m not good at anything other than writing!” “If I don’t focus
on my writing how can I ever expect to make a career in writing?” “I feel like
I was born to write and that is the only thing that will make me happy!”
            The first three
answers we have discussed in some detail over the past month and can be summed
up in one quick sentence: “Have a little faith in yourself!” However, I thought
before we wrap up our discussion of the financial aspect of the artistic
struggle it would be beneficial to try and provide some advice for the latter
            If you feel like
you were born to write and only write; that the idea of not writing 24/7 would
destroy you; that your every waking moment is consumed by writing; while I
would suggest that maybe this is selling yourself short, it is a legitimate
feeling and can be very visceral. So what can you do as someone who is
struggling to make a life as a writer but can’t imagine yourself doing anything
other than writing to make money?
            There’s an old adage
that says (in paraphrase): “You can do anything if you put your mind to it.” I
really do believe this is true. Many writers, however, don’t realize what the
first part of that saying actually requires to make it true. We can all put our
mind to it, but can we make our will and subsequent actions so strong that our “anything”
becomes a reality? I would argue that the effort required to turn your will
into action is much more than most people are naturally up for.

            Throughout this blog we have spoken about achieving success through a variety of means from
self-publishing to publishing through a company, through changing your mindset,
and through being actively involved in your success. Perhaps the latter
seems redundant or obvious, but it is potentially the most important. I’ve said
it before and I will say it again: your life as a writer doesn’t stop at the
page. You have to be an advocate for yourself. You have to get your voice out
there, and make people hear you.  You
have to put more time into promoting yourself and your book than you did
writing the bloody thing. It’s exhausting, it’s time-consuming, it’s
frustrating, and most importantly: it’s necessary. This is especially true if
you want to make your sole source of income writing. So… in short:

Get up offa that thang… and write, promote, and of course…
dance ‘til you feel better!!
(and have enough money to sustain yourself as
a writer)