We Mean Self-Publishing Business

Self-publishing writers and their
unexpected entrepreneurship

          As writers we often fall into the same
trap as other professions: From singers to doctors! We’re good at something, hell… we’re great at it! But unless you
understand the industry you are trying to work in, and make educated efforts to
stand out in said industry, your potential for success will be limited.

          This is where the necessity for a whole new
side to each of us as writers comes from: The entrepreneurial side. This is a
side that understands the business of being a successful member of the writing
industry. Don’t believe me? Even medical practitioners (of all varieties) who
had the dream of just going it alone and having their very own practice have
been met with some challenges if they are not business savvy. Most recently in
the healthcare industry, more and more physicians are leaning towards joint
practices because solo practices just do not have as much appeal as they used
to. They also are financially easier to keep afloat because they provide the
opportunity for a variety of treatments under one roof. But what does this have
to do with writing?

           Well my friends, a whole lot. The reason
doctors started to make this decision is because they understood the business
side of the industry. When we put convenience into the sometimes unappealing
idea of seeking out medical treatment, patients are more likely to seek the help
they need, ergo more money overall. With writers, especially those considering
self-publishing, you have decided to take a lot of your career into your own
hands. This is both bold and brave. But don’t make the same mistake many
doctors did and think you can just finish your book and sit back while people
flock to it. Publishing companies do a lot of the advertising and marketing for
you, but if you self-publish that is all of a sudden your responsibility.

          As an entrepreneur you have to consider the
overall message, manufacturing quality, audience appeal, marketability, advertising
strategies, revenue potential, etc, etc, etc. These are things that publishing
companies often do for you, but publishing without consideration to these areas
is not a fast-track to success (to put it diplomatically).

          Ultimately what I’m getting at to neatly
sum up this month’s topics on self-publishing is that you have to do your
research. We have done some here for you as well while we took a look at a
variety of self-publishing companies. There are many more out there too, but
researching the company that will publish your book is only a small part of the
battle. Where will you publish it? How will you publish it? Why are you
publishing it? And many more questions need to be answered before you can hope
to self-publish successfully.

          Keep your wits about you, think about the
entrepreneurial side of the writing world, and we know you can be the successful
writer you want to be!