Living a Life of Writing Web Update, Publishing and More

After much debate, and after many years, come tomorrow, Living a Life of Writing will be getting a bit of a make over.  After four years of the same design, we have decided that new life needs to come to this blog.  The new design will reflect this change.  We hope you will like it.  Writing is a big part of why people come and read this blog, but we have talk about what writers really need and want.

We found that between the four writers and editor, we have some amazing readers, and we want to improve on their experience here.  We also want to challenge ourselves and make this blog fantastic.  It is all due to some very excellent followers that we have made this choice.  There is more to come, and we want to share that with you tonight.

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We know that you will also expect better from us, and with that we are going to find ways to make what we publish here something of use for you so that you can comment, and debate what helps and what doesn’t help.  We encourage you to do this.  We love to read more comments, and have more people come and read, but it is important to give you what you need.

More on writing, on marketing, on publishing, on anything that makes the most out of living a life of writing for you.  We have heard you in emails and want to improve on this blog.  We want to be able to say that all of our readers have a chance to say something.  We value you as writers and we want to say that writing a blog is more fun because of you, and we love reading your comments.

Publishing a book is at the heart of what we talk about, but we also have heard from you, our awesome readers, that you want more, you want to find out more, and you want to be able to find things here that will help you on your journey.  So, tomorrow, come and see what is new.