Goals for writing in 2013

As the year 2012 comes to a close, it is now time to sit back and reflect on all the changes that have occurred during the year. So many changes and all for the good, but the promise of a new year and the challenges that lie ahead are what will help me set my goals. I am still very new at this adventure called blogging, and I only hope to improve as the new year begins.

I know that this is only my third blog post, but I find it challenging to sit at the computer and  try and write about something that you would want to hear. I realize that creativity begins by allowing oneself to make mistakes; allowing room to improve.

I’ve decided to try setting goals for 2013. I hope these goals will help me in my future blogs
to strengthen my writing. The worst enemy to creativity is self doubt. You’re a writer when…..you can procrastinate for hours out of fear that you’re writing won’t be good enough.

Happy New Year!

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