Feelings You Get When You Think About Living a Life of Writing

This is a post from our guest month bloggers Michelle and Jen, who are writing about emotions and feelings while publishing a book.

The feelings that I experience when I tell people I am going to write a book can be expressed in so many different ways for me. I can tell you that one of the feelings I have experienced in learning that I will be writing my first book is being scared.

I think this is probably a natural feeling for most beginner authors, and I am probably not the only one who has experienced this, and nor will I be the last.

I’m sure other authors have all wrestled with thoughts of their own in thinking, how do I go about this; how do I begin to put my thoughts on paper; and is this really happening?  Other emotions I have felt are excitement and disbelief — I still can’t believe I am going to get the chance to write my first book. I have also found I can connect with so many people since I told them I am writing a book.

We all have stories we love to tell and share with others, and who wouldn’t jump at an opportunity to share their story with others.

I can only imagine what it must be like to sit down and put your thoughts and words on paper, or type it out on a typewriter or should I say type it out on the computer as this is the 21st century.
I guess I envision myself sitting at a laptop with a cup of coffee writing out my masterpiece.  Who wouldn’t want that dream?