Writing Quotes that Make You Want to Write

Not every writer publishes a book to be famous, or to make money. Not every writer is a great editor, which is why you need a proofreader. Some days it is harder to write something than others, and some days you just just need a boost from some great quotes to keep you going.  This is why I love writing, it keeps me going.

That is what writing is about; never giving up and starting each day new. It might be hard to do, but it is the only way to go as a writer.

Just keep writing, and you will publish something. You might not know what to say, but you will find your voice.  Like someone once said, it is best to just write, even if it means that you will need to use a bit of paper to remind you of that fact.  Just remember that with each step you take, you are improving your writing, and that will make all the difference to you.

Keep on writing and aim to publish your book. That right: Publishing your book is the only way to go. Never stop dreaming and hearing the music in your writing.

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