We Writers Need to Support Each Even After We’ve Published

Writers need each other; to tell them how they are doing, to tell them if they are doing well or just simply as a person who can offer some type of advice.

Whatever the reason, we all need each other, and that is more true once we’ve published a book. I know that so many of my readers (who are also writers) have encouraged me along this road.

Talk about giving back:  the fact that writers are willing to share their knowledge is a great thing, and this leads to more published books — all because another writer encouraged a person to improve.  That’s the great thing about words; they do help.

Writers need to support each other, and there are so many ways to do this and so many ways that writers learn to improve and carry on with writing.

This is true even after we’ve published a book or a short story or anything.  (This also includes writing a blog.)