Publishing A Book? Great! (But Wait…)

You have probably heard something like this conversation happen when you have a writer in your life: Hey guess what: I’ve published a book! Aren’t you so excited?! (Writer: I want to scream it out loud.  Great! Have I got your attention yet? ) (Blank look from a potential reader)

No? (Blank stares from the person they have just told)

Well, why not? (dead silence from the reader)

Okay, really, it’s a great book and it’s only X dollars.  It’s a great book. (Writer is nearly in tears as a potential reader backs away: Wait no! Why are you leaving?!)

I see your point, you like my writing, read my blog, but it’s the money thing right?  I’m a new author, and you don’t want to take a chance? 

It almost feels painful to listen to a conversation like that, and with the intended humour it feels less painful- to a point.

They’re valid points indeed.  After all, any writer who has a book out is bound to be excited, but they can’t seem to understand that this does not mean that their potential reader is.

Try to take this from a readers’ or family members’ point of view. Are you networking to the right people?

Let’s try it from a potential reader’s point of view:

(Reader: Prays to whatever they might that this conversation will not last long) “You’re publishing a book?  Great! I’d love to read it!  Oh… you published the book, how wonderful… And it’s that much… and you want me to what… review it?”  This type of conversation does not mean that you’ll want to buy it or even write a review for their book. (At least you didn’t run away!)

However, to an author, that review means the world.

Publishing is not for the faint of heart, and this means that editing is key, but it also means that as a writer, I need to improve, and the greatest way to do this is by hearing what my readers say (or don’t say.)  This means I have to consider all the points of view that people might have, and what they need, and what I need.  I need reviews, and my readers need to want to read and review my book.

Publishing a book?  Yes, it’s great, but wait, because there reasons beyond poor or general lack of editing that makes a reader not want to purchase a book, and review copies are always something to consider sending enthusiastic readers.  I would love to make money writing, but I also understand the value of people knowing about my book.

As an author I love when readers tell me they are excited and have read my book, but also let me know if they want to write reviews or anything like that.

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