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quotes about writingJust a writing note to encourage you to keep on writing, and to never give up. Here are a few quotes on writing by some famous authors.  Writing isn’t easy but sometimes, the best know what to sat when it’s needed.

Writing is something you do, it is something you are and it is something that you do….

Writers know pen and paper are a good thing, enjoy every moment, and write!

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When can touch lives with what we write, we have to start writing our books.  The more we work on writing the better we will be.

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And we can’t give up when the worst might happen.  It’s really not the worst anyways. It’s about getting back and doing it again

There is always another day.

writing quoteThere is a book in everyone and there is a reason you are a writer, Toni Morrison reminds us of this fact when she says you must write it.

It’s one thing to think about your writing, it is another to go and do it.

You are the reason a book need to be written, and all these famous writing quotes are telling you the same thing- it’s you who have the talent, and the words to create it.

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Lastly, and by far the most powerful…

Always believe and make connections with your readers. And as Mark Twain said- it’s not laziness to think of good words.

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