What Happens If I Improve My Writing And Write a Good Blog Post

I don’t think anyone will argue that their writing can be improved in some way, and this includes writing a blog (or writing a blog post).  I would even go as far to say that most writers think there are many times anything they write must be improved, but, this is why we have an editor to help us.  However, there is a chance you can go too far in editing– and the same goes for blogging. 

I would love to go back and fix things up in my book, but a reader said, they haven’t noticed anything they think is ‘wrong’.   This is where writing a good blog post comes in. It still means that I have to improve somewhere: my blog.

If this is the case, I’ll ask this question:  If I improve my writing and my blog posts then what happens to me as a writer?

— I could write a better book- and maybe make money after I publish it.  I can write a great blog post and challenge myself to do better with the next one, there is a lot more scope to writing and publishing.

— I could edit my work faster and see more success.  This means I spend time reading more books and writing in them to learn the “secrets” of success.   It’s all about communication. There is not a secret to success just good honest hard work and learning to improve.

— Then I could have more reviews on my book.  Which means that people have read my books, but that also means that when I improve my own writing, then I can go back and improve my blog post.  I learn more about my reader and how to write a good blog post.

I think that people want to see success with their writing, but be careful not to think too far ahead to the end result right away (in this case the end result being money, and more than a few dollars after you have published your book,) but rather how to make the reader care about what you have written.

I believe that improving your writing means that you are able to get the reader to care more about your topic than when you don’t improve your writing.  It is all about writing well, and loving what you do.

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