Money… Money and More Money…

Have ever you met a brand new writer or a person who wants to write?  I think that the thing I’ve talked about most frequently with someone who wants, no needs, to have the book they are working on published is “How much money do you make?”

I really want to tell these new writers (not the more experienced writers — I would imagine that after a few rejections we learn to improve our writing.) that money is important, but that it is not the only reason you publish a book.  Sometimes writing is about money, and I consider that when I think about my books and when and how to publish them.

There is a lot of work involved in anything you are passionate about, but among those passionate people is where I find the writers who do see success and it comes from their attitude and what they say.

“I love writing.  It gives me joy.”
“There are so many ideas in my head; I’ve got to write some more”
“I love reading as much as writing.”
“I have to re-edit my book; it’s not sounding right”

The list goes on, but the people who write and have had a book published, or who have been working on several books sound different from new writers. 

I’ve noticed that new writers talk about more frequently about one thing — money.  (And I do’t necessessarily think this is a bad thing.)  Not about how much they will make from their work, but rather how much of it they might need to lay out in order to write and publish a book.  If they want it traditionally published or self-published, the questions are still the same.

I don’t think they are asking the right questions, though…. because I found that it takes a lot more than just the money that I layed out when I published my book. 

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