Writing and Writing Some More

When someone tells you to write… do you write “right away,”or do you have to think about writing? That is certainly an art, and something that you ought to do before you begin the process of actually putting pen to paper. (I know I am old fashioned, but I truly enjoy using pen and paper.)

And there comes a day when, after you have published a book, you need to think about writing again.  Think about the process you took to create the book.  You might hope that it will be quicker this time, and for most writers it will be.

It will also not be as hard to do.  You’ve done it before.

This might be the reason for writer’s block or the main challenge – you have done it before, and you know you have enough success to do it again.  It is like writing a blog:  the more you write the more of a habit writing becomes.  Besides, you can think of it this way:  when you write blog posts, you are publishing something each day.  Focus on what every other writer will tell you – improve on your writing, and you will see more puiblishing success.  But you will have to write some more.

So, the message I give to you today is this:  write, and write some more.


  • psychelyn

    I've always liked writing. There was a time when I dreamed of authoring inspirational compositions or even books. But I guess it was left as a dream from behind. However, I still write, literally, a journal, now blog.

    You are right, it becomes a habit the more you do it.

  • emaginette

    I always think on it for a bit, and then just type whatever comes to mind. I figure I can fix anything when I edit. This alone keeps me going.

    Sometimes I surprise myself with the whole process. 🙂

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